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Danielle's 2020 ACT Review and Preparation Systems
ACT Strategies
Your First Step in ACT Prep

  •  Introduction to the 4 test sections (~1 hr video) 
  •  English / Grammar in Depth
  •  Math in Depth 
  •  Reading in Depth 
  •  Science in Depth 
  •  Essay Section in Depth 
  •  Your Next Steps to Achieve Success
ACT Review
Insider Tips for Success on ACT Test Day
  • All Sections Refresher(English/Grammar, Math, Reading, Science, and Essay)
  •  ACT Test Format Review 
  •  What to do the week prior to test day 
  •  Test Day Confidence Boosters
  •  What to Eat / What NOT to Eat
  •  What to Bring
  •  Feedback from Recent Test Takers
Basics Courses
Learn / Refresh Basics Required for the ACT
  •  Build the Skills Required to Fully Utilize the ACT Strategies
  •  MathBasics for the ACT
  •  Grammar Basics for the ACT 
  •  Reading Basics for the ACT
  •  Science Basics for the ACT
  •  Proven Methods to Learn Skills Quickly
  •  Simple Methods to Retain New Skills
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